We offer support only by Email 24/7 at [email protected]

SSD hosting packages, unlike HDDs, offer a much higher upload speed due to new storage technology. These packages are recommended for webmasters or site owners who run SEO campaigns or have online stores where upload speed is a key factor.In the past year, demand for SSD hosting packages has grown a lot, accounting for about 70% of Orders placed by our customers.

The monthly cost of a dedicated IP is $ 2. You can assign multiple IP addresses to vps or dedicated server, and offer the following advantages: Help the site to better indexing in Google and SEO campaigns. It gives you the benefits of sending emails and guarantees you will not get into a SPAM list. You can access the site based on IP, not just by domain name. You can set up a DNS REVERSE that helps you send emails to certain servers that check this out.

We only use Dell PowerEdge and SuperMicro SuperServer servers in the SuperServer category with at least 2 Intel Xeon E3 or E5 processors, at least 64 GB of RAM, and SSD enterprise storage in Raid 10. The VPSLOAD data centers in which our servers are located in Europe and the US, they benefit from multiple connections with the most-known Internet providers, their own power generator and industrial climate that maintain an optimal temperature.

You can buy as many dedicated or private servers as you want.

You will receive full data from us by email when you sign up. Quickly, after placing an order and paying it.

At the moment we accept Paypal payment and Bitcoin (BTC). You can make a payment with your paypal card without having an account with them.

Usually it takes 1-2 hours for a dedicated server from Monday to Friday, and during the week 12-48 hours.Why do I have to pay for the renewal of an already purchased service? We send you the invoice 7 days before, so if we do not receive the payment Until that day, we believe you canceled and your service will be stopped. I have received the bill of payment, but I have already paid. In this case please contact us, there may be problems with paypal, and we in this Case must investigate. Please contact us at [email protected]

After you pay you will receive every detail and the password of the root user, this offers you full control on the server/vps.

If you are sure you can contact us to stop the service.

You can contact us on Monday, Friday 8.00-20.00, Saturday 8.00-12.00, Sunday closed.

You can buy SSL At the price of 50 $ / domain.

The simplest method is to login on the website, then choose the service and finalize the order.

You can buy RAM, HDD or IP’s.

Yes! At the price of 2 $ per IP.

We provide Unlimited traffic.

Over 10 operating systems, you can see them at check-out page.

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