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How to build a site

When we talk about It, we talk not only about programs, gadgets, we talk about how to build a site, without too much cost. We can do this by calling someone who is good, but we can do it with little effort.
We have to take into account certain things when we start going:
First of all, we’ll have to think about what name we’ll give to our site, because you’ll need to register this web domain. We can choose the version with numedomeniu.ro, which costs over 50 dollars, but you can also find cheaper options if you find active promotions. All this requires a card that we can pay online.
If we choose an extension: .com, .net, .org, .info, then it is a much cheaper version, that is below 15 dollars , the payment is made once a year, after registering the domain, with the possibility of extending as much as you want .
After this step, you will have to choose a web hosting service where you need a space where all the files your website will contain, that is everything written, as well as your photos or videos, will be stored. This space is provided by the companies that offer these services. Here you have to pay a monthly fee, depending on how they prefer each or depending on how the hosting company offers the services. An approximate cost could be up to 50 MDL per month, but the best option is for months, where discounts are granted and is more convenient. You have to choose a company that offers you enough space, which makes your site open immediately, you have to keep in mind certain criteria. There are many companies who only take the money and do not provide quality services, and when you want to choose a service, you need to know more details that will benefit you both for the site and financially when you get to cash in he.
A site is recommended to register it at the same time as hosting, so it becomes active immediately. The hosting account and domain name will be configured and site creation will be very simple.
To create a site you do not have to know what knowledge, but you need to be careful. It is created with a web application, similar to installing an application on the smartphone. If you chose to build a wordpress site, when you are logged in, you can click on WordPress Installer and follow the instructions. It only takes a few seconds to create it. Once you’ve completed this step, you can add pages. You can access the site from admin login, after you have accessed the full address in the browser bar, then you will enter the login data with username and password, which you have received at the e-mail address, then click Log In.
If you are capable of creating Microsoft Word documents, then you will surely know how to create pages on your site. You can change the language in which the site menu is displayed, intranet in settings, making it easier to understand the terms.
You can also change the theme of the site, choosing free themes to suit you and fit.
There are also subdomain sites, for example: numesite.blogspot.ro, numesite.wordpress.com, numesite.weebly.com.
Sites created on subdomains are not recommended because they are not your property, being the property of the company that offers you the service, they will never have a good position in Google’s search engine, and it will never attract a large number of visitors.
He also can not have an attractive design, but just something very simple. He will not be able to bring money to the person who owns it because the platform does not allow the integration of the tools by which he can be promoted, does not support certain plugins, and you can not publish any content.
They are perfect for those who do not want to make a deal out of it.
A site on its own has many advantages because it can get a lot of positioning results, depending on how it is optimized. If you can not get it, a specialist can do it. It’s worth it, as long as you want to make money with him in the future. It can be personalized, accepts the installation of plugins and professional themes. On such platforms you can put advertising banners, ads that you can make money with. You can abstain many visitors if you promote your site on Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. These are only available on sites with their own domain. It gives confidence to visitors, causing them to access it.
What you will do with it, how you will promote it, how you will optimize it, it is up to you to consult with a specialist or to access the specialized websites that guide you how to do it.

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