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Samsung Fold, a new revolution !

He, technically judged and irrelevant if he catches up to the end consumer, is a revolution. From where less than two decades ago CRT TVs were still in most homes, we now have such screens capable of being bent and folded according to the engineers ‘ will. It’s a revolution, but not one someone knows how to warn us one way or another.
The foldable phone now has no purpose and no uncertain future. And customers willing to want it and buy it are, because such a device has been circulated through movies and sci-fi series. It’s just that in the entertainment industry, boundaries are a little more flexible and they don’t always have to comply with the laws of physics.
Samsung Galaxy Fold, and others like him, can not get over physics. That means it can’t have extraordinarily small components, exceptionally modular screen or extraordinary resistance. To all this is added the cost of development and implementation.
Sure, we can assume that Samsung, or any other company of similar size, can afford to invest time in a decade a few billion dollars to create a revolutionary device.
Samsung Galaxy Fold is revolutionary, especially because of the company that will push it forward, but not everything that is revolutionary changes our lives. And we don’t even know in the early stages how far an invention can go.
With the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it’s more clear than ever that not all phones have to be for everyone, as he said Samsung, through its representatives, during the event presentation. Fold is both a luxury asset and a good for a small, rich and willing to experiment category.
The selling price in Europe is to be double compared to the Samsung Galaxy S10 series phones, so Samsung’s manager claims will prove to be 100% true in the end. I don’t know how many people even believed that the Samsung GALAXY Fold will be so expensive, but those who had expected the price to be lower, are now part of a very bad news, because you will have to pull money out of your pockets, if they want the phone.
As we saw in the demo within Samsung Unpacked, on the 7.3-inch screen can be run simultaneously up to 3 applications in different windows for efficient multitasking. Galaxy Fold has a thickness of 6.9 mm when folded or 17 mm folded. It comes in silver, blue, green and black.
In the U.S. the debut takes place on April 26 at a recommended price of $ 1980, and in Europe on May 3 to the amount of 2000 euros.
The presentation of the new smartphone model will take place on February 20, but the effective launch in stores should take place somewhere in April, at the earliest.

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