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100% digital remote work

The restrictions imposed with the declaration of the state of emergency on the Romanian territory give rise to significant challenges for businesses whose flows are not digitized. Working from home for the employees of such companies, but also the business relations with the partners are carried out in a difficult rhythm. We will present in this material a suite of solutions prepared by Samsung and certSIGN that you can access for free to streamline business.
The benefits of digitization within organizations can now be seen more than ever in the light of the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the way businesses do business.
According to an analysis by the consulting company Creasoft, published at the end of March, approximately 500,000 employees in Romania, working in fields such as IT, telecommunications, outsourcing services, consulting or financial services, will work mainly from home for a period of at least two months. Taking into account the other industries, it is clear that the number of employees who will work in this way is extremely high.
According to the latest data published by Eurostat, in 2019, approximately 5.4% of employed people in the European Union, aged between 15 and 64, usually worked from home. The Member States with the lowest share of people accustomed to this way of working were Bulgaria (0.5%) and Romania (0.8%). This shows that the lack of experience of the business environment in terms of implementing the concept of remote work makes it extremely necessary to use solutions and processes to ensure the smooth running of the business in this context.
Remote work becomes efficient when the company realizes that the implementation of this process must be done with an emphasis on digitizing flows and choosing the right tools.
Operational safety is one of the main issues that managers must take into account when the team started working remotely, especially in a context like this where the pandemic is seen by hackers as a period full of opportunities.
For cybercriminals, the pandemic has created an ideal environment for intensifying phishing attacks via email or social engineering to gain access to sensitive information.
Also, a safe and efficient environment for employees and for continuing business with partners places the organization in the first places in the ranking of those who will manage to overcome the crisis period as little as possible affected.
The joint solution offered by certSIGN and Samsung within the initiative “IT antidote for COVID-19 challenges”
The above issues are covered by the solutions offered by certSIGN and Samsung through the initiative “IT antidote for COVID-19 challenges”, which is available free of charge for interested companies from April 28 to May 29, 2020.
Specifically, at the level of services and products that will increase your productivity and business efficiency, you will have access to the web remote electronic signing solutions provided by certSIGN. Thus, you eliminate the hassles caused by the whole cumbersome process involved in handwriting signing, because you can sign with the legal value of documents from this period using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.
The mobile devices will be provided by Samsung, which offers within the initiative the models Samsung Galaxy S20, Note 10, S10 or Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 tablets as well as rigid devices Samsung XCover Pro, XCover 4S or variants of rigid tablets active tab pro. All these devices natively support Samsung DEX technologies. Thus, the user has 2 in 1 functionalities of mobile device and laptop at the same time, which gives a high adoption rate but also a substantial cost reduction.
If you are not familiar with this remote electronic signature solution, certSIGN also offers implementation and consulting services within the “IT antidote for COVID-19 challenges” initiatives. Thus, certSIGN mobility and security specialists ensure the development and implementation of the solution, following in each stage of the project the company’s objectives.
certSIGN is the first company in Romania and one of the few in Europe to provide a qualified remote electronic signature certified QSCD, in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation, recognized in all EU Member States.
You will also have access to the Samsung Knox security platform, a solution that has a wide range of configuration, security and administration features, Samsung Knox Configure on the device customization area and last but not least Samsung Knox Platform for Enterprise for isolation data and their protection as long as they are stored on the mobile device.

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