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Facebook is launching a service that will compete with Zoom

Facebook is introducing the new Messenger Rooms, which can host groups of people in video conversations, which can be attended by users who do not have an account on this network, the Press Association reported on Friday.
The social network launches the new service starting today, along with a series of extensive functions, focused on live video conferencing, on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, in an apparent attempt to take over the sudden popularity of Zoom.
Although the person setting up the conversation must have an active Facebook account, other participants can do so even if they do not have an account on this network, mobile or desktop computer.
Messenger Rooms will soon be able to accommodate up to fifty people, with no time limit, privacy and security being a priority, the company said.
Vice President Messenger: We don’t see or hear your calls
“We don’t see or hear your calls, and the person creating the camera controls who joins, who sees the camera, and whether it’s locked or unlocked for new guests,” said Messenger Vice President Stan Chudnovsky.
“The creator of the room must be present for the call to begin and he can remove guests at any time,” he added.
The service will also provide 360-degree immersive backgrounds based on artificial intelligence, such as a beach or luxury waterfront apartment.
Users can start and share cameras on Facebook through News Feed, groups and events, and in the future there will be the option to create cameras on Instagram Direct, WhatsApp, as well as from Facebook’s video chat portal.
The move comes in the context of more and more people using technology that allows live video chats as a means of maintaining contact during isolation measures, with Facebook reporting that demand for video calls on Messenger and WhatsApp has increased at least twice in the areas most affected by coronavirus.
WhatsApp Group Calls will accommodate up to eight people instead of four, the Press Association notes.
Views on Facebook Live and Instagram Live also increased significantly in March, both of which will benefit from updates.
In recent months, Zoom has become one of the most popular platforms, but has been affected by security issues that the company has responded to through a software update. Among the problems that occurred was the phenomenon of “zoombombing”, in which an unauthorized person accesses a video conference and displays offensive material.

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