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About it

They are among the most intelligent people. This environment of work is the most stimulating and constantly trains the mind. It is a difficult, stressful but very interesting field. Many opinions indicate that they are arrogant, autistic, etc.
They build many things that make our life more comfortable, efficient, through everything they build. We can learn many things from it-that is, use words with head. Their minds are working all the time, and this is happening at a very high level.
Why are they very well paid? Well, not everyone can earn the money if it does not know the symbols on a screen, combining them with rules that change quite often.
Just like doctors, they must be constantly up to date with what’s new.
Given that there is an imbalance between demand and supply today, there is a very large number of children with skills in the field but who may not have opportunities to evolve, this job is becoming more and more challenging. Their wages are higher than others because it is one of the hard jobs and because they bring big amounts of money to the companies.
They say they are arrogant because they ask for too much money, but they know their value. They are suffocated by their work, are pressured, eternal to change something, and it forces them to take it from the end. They are hard to convince to come to a company because they are often not offered the right price.
The jobs you can have in it are: web designer, games software developer, etc.
Including this site is a website. Most businesses have sites. We wonder how they are created. You interact with them through an application called browser, which you do a lot of interesting things, just to know what to look for.
To be a desktop application developer, you need to know how to build applications for web browsers, software applications. Video games can be included in this category. Besides these, there are applications of certain areas of activity or applications that help companies to operate.
To program such applications, languages such as C #, Java, C ++, Objective-C are used.
An important area is building apps and games for smartphones or tablets. They are based on fundamental programming concepts. Their concepts are the same, regardless of the different language, the systems running applications.
Probably many wonder if they can learn programming alone. We can answer “ yes ”, but someone, or a friend, or even the computer, from which you can learn a lot, must guide you. You can learn a lot if you are passionate, motivated, ambitious. In at least 6 months if you are perseverant, you can learn the basic notions. You can not learn everything, it can not be, because new things are happening all the time, but you can learn bases, starting with light languages. Knowledge of languages is absolutely necessary when you need to start. You can also learn from online courses that allow learning at the pace of everyone. There are many tutorials to learn. An experience as a developer accumulates in a minimum of 2 years of continuous work. This does not have to discourage those who want to work in this field, but on the contrary, they have to be ambitious. You have to be talented, creative, have a good logic. If you are in love with this job, you can be happily professional. If you do well and you are very good at what you do, you only have advantages, both personal and financial.
It’s really an exhausting job that demands a lot, with a very busy schedule.
There is a link between computer science and math, but if you learn coding techniques, you will realize that you need logic rather than math. The HTML language can look like Chinese and at first glance it may seem impossible to learn, the elements are very simple to remember.
Until you can learn, you will play with some codes you will copy to give an idea. Some codes look like mathematical calculations, but they do not have to be resolved, but just placed wherever they should be. To be a good web designer you do not need math, but a 3 D game developer needs geometry and trigonometry. It is very beautiful creation in the virtual world.
Programmers have the greatest opportunities. The difference between a programmer and a very good programmer is the diversity of knowledge. Do not be born to know programming, but learn in time.
To be in the trend, learn GNU / Linux-based operating systems. These are used every day, it’s inevitable not to get hit by them. It is very important not to focus on a certain branch, but to try them all, to see what you like most, and then just to specialize in a certain field.
Be the one who will participate in changing the future in It, learn and persevere!

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