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The importance of hosting a site

A solution very popular hosting is the Shared Hosting, because it is accessible from a financial point of view and the most used.
This type of hosting involves storing files before they appear on the internet, stored on a server. The server is connected to the internet and from there it responds to commands. You can have your own server or VPS or your hosting site to a hosting company. If you opt for the second variant, the space on the server will have to be shared with other users, and if you want more space you have to pay for it. In conclusion, if you’re using it alone, the best option is to have your own server or VPS.
If you choose shared server, I mean to share the server with others, at a hosting company, the people there will take care of maintenance,updates, upgrades. You will have to take care only of the site. You are given access to a panel where you can upload files, monitor traffic, install applications. Hosting does not include the problems of the site. For this is the need of a programmer, if you don’t know you at that. At shared hosting you can do and one back-up through access to the control panel, the cron job I mean what makes a server at a certain time, I mean accessing a script( PHP), to do various things, but this is only for those who are good, and you can also install WordPress directly from the panel.
A tip would be if you have a website, to choose the hosting company in the country where you are, because it will upload much faster.
Like to choose a hosting company good we need to keep in mind the reputation, service customers, price, to be known by Google, to provide in the package the width of the strip suitable for you, the processor, disk space, number of email accounts required.
If you buy a domain that starts with `www` and the files are upload on server then when you access the field, they must be related between them. If you want to buy the domain from acceai company that will provide hosting, then they will take care of everything, but if not, you will have to do this alone or possibly to ask for the help of the hosting.
This binding between them is called the DNS, I mean I have to take two nameservers, login, go into the settings of the domain and to replace the name servers with the two you have chosen. The waiting time to change, is approximately 24 hours. Personally recommend to choose a hosting company in the USA, for as most people do, and I know well why. I can also recommend Beyond and BlueHost because they have great professionals websites that do millions of dollars in the US.

However, if you’re good at but don’t have the time to personally take care of updates and maintenance, shared is not a solution dear. There are packages acceptable for all requirements, depending on your needs, providing the opportunity for pay monthly, quarterly or other variations accessible.
Sites with high traffic but I can’t choose shared hosting. You have to watch what hosting company you choose, because the descriptions on their websites sometimes you can lure in traps, with unlimited traffic, but if your web site gets to consume many resources, it will be blocked.
Hosting dedicated or server private will not create such problems, but you’ll pay more than shared hosting.
There are cloud hosting, this having the advantage that it can manage and sites with traffic very high. Technical support 24 of 24 it is very important, because it will be very useful in times where problems may arise, to be sure that the website will be online always and will not collapse when a very large number of visitors will come to visit him. Serious companies will do this and will ensure permanently that this will not happen.

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