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Discussions about the Iphone and the company

As we’re still in the early days when the Iphone X has started to appear in the pockets of the people interested, let’s talk a little about him.
Because Apple has made up till now, only phones with LCD screen, now the Iphone X is the first smartphone with OLED. Although Samsung is involved in the materialization of the panel, the calibration is made by the people at Apple, and the calibration plays a very important role, giving a high precision, with a very good accuracy.
Although the folks at Samsung are involved in this panel, they showed up and comments relating to the `duel` between the two giant gadgets.
An advertisement relating to the war of the two, which you about 10 years to appeared, so Samsung sucked owners of the IPhone X, out to advance the shortcomings of phones IPhone in front of those manufactured in South Korea.
So give examples of things few that we have had over the years the IPhone on the smartphones, in comparison with those from Samsung.
At the end of the commercial a buyer of the IPhone that was sitting at the tail, they buy a Samsung.
It is said that the appearance of the IPhone X will spur people to buy products of this kind.
Estimates say that the biggest sales of the IPhone X will be in the U.S., China and Western Europe, even if it is a great price, and the stocks are not very large, but only in the first quarter of 2018, because the company does not meet the requirements of large current.
The Apple company has been the defendant in an American newspaper that he moved european affairs in a tax haven, where profit is not charged or is very little. One of the branches remained in Ireland, but it is said that most of the money through this tax haven to avoid payment of taxes by the European Union, through the tax haven, the people at Apple find a way to keep in large part the money.
The company explain via a press release that is the company which pays the highest fees for cashing in, in relation to the other companies on the planet.
They paid a fine of $ 13 billion, but says his lawyers are working to find loopholes to argue against this payment by the European Union.
It is said that IPhone X 64 GB has a cost of production estimated at 357.50$, I mean with 642 dollars less than the price charged by Apple for it. The OLED screen is the most expensive component, the housing of stainless steel is also quite expensive, costing $ 36, unlike the IPhone 8 which is made of aluminum and cost only $ 14.50. In related costs included are the costs for software and other technologies, so if they were added to the production costs, the price was much higher.
And how everything had to be complaints, we find that the lack of Home button has led to the emergence of an empty space on the screen, space that is used for dragging the bottom for dragging the top of the screen. If the keyboard would be put more up when I have wanted to achieve, would be pressed for space, so it was for this reason that Apple has left that space empty.

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