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Applications and versions IOS and Mac

You will love the music and sometimes you wish to know how to reproduce some favorite songs?
With Super Pads, a existing application on the smartphone, you can do this very easily. In the application are loaded sound samples, electronic music, reggae, pop, hip-hop. This app is free. They will not reproduce the song perfectly, but it will be very close to the original. After a tutorial that accompanies each song, you can quickly learn how to do this. They are frequently added new songs in this app. This app is present on Android and IOS.
In addition to the applications known, surely there are others of you who have not heard. For example:
• Read It Later. It is an application that allows you to download web pages in their original format or in text format, like a book. This you can do with this app if you don’t have an internet very good internet. It is very good for long articles.
• Wikipanio gives you info about anything. It is an online encyclopedia that allows saving pages, with no advertisements.
• Stanza is a free app that allows you to you will wire books in electronic format on the phone, being compatible with PDF formats and epub.
• PCalc Lite allows you to calculate algorithms , and by paying you can get and additional functions.
• Tuneln Radio app with over 50000 radio stations in the world, can listen to what music you prefer.
• Converter Plus is a converter of units of measure, temperaturo, distances, etc., being and a computer that can estimate the costs of a bank loan.
• Evernote helps you to write down important things, but the versions with facilities rich are chargeable.
If you own a smartphone with IOS operating system 11, when you have a guest and it asks for the wireless password you can click a single button. For this is possible when you have that person in contacts, you have activated your Bluetooth and get both connected to him. If this is already done, you just have to go to settings wi-fi and you will receive a message that asks you if you want to you share your password automatically.
IOS 11 generated an increase of downloads of the applications, due to the change of the interface. Find out that and IOS 11.2 beta 1 is ready for launch, it with minor changes that are needed to solve the problems of operation and to improve the performance of the gadgets.
It has also been released and macOS Hugh Sierra10.13.1 beta 5, it can be downloaded directly from the Mac AppStore, it was released also to solve some problems of operation, to improve the performance.

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