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News launched soon

About what we could talk about when it comes to games?
PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR and software of these platforms have had great sales for the first quarter.
Console PlayStation 4 has a processor custom AMD Jaguar eight-core processor, with graphics AMD Radeon with a memory of 8 GB of the type GDDR5, and 500GB or 1 TB HDD space.
Has as options of the connectivity ports high speed USB 3.1, Lan port, WI-FI 802.11 b/g/n/ac dual band, Bluetooth 4.0, AV output, HDMI port, iesire audio digital optic, having an optical drive for reading DVDS or Blu-Ray discs.
This version PlayStation 4 Pro has support 4 K, HDR, 1 TB of storage space, three USB ports 3.1, Wi-Fi dual band, and the graphics has great performances and a processor with a frequency much higher. The PS4 version was launched in 2013, using the USB 3.0 ports, Buletooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi single – band, so they notice improvements.
VLC is one of the most popular players in the world for systems of similar mos Windows or Linux, but for Android.
VLC for Android has already achieved 100 million installations, but is not the most popular app in this category. The most popular is MX Player.
Alternatives to Microsoft Office we can find on Linux systems. These are: Softmaker Free Office, WPS Office, Libre Office. To get on the front row and talk about them:
Wps Office is an alternative performance, available free and in a commercial version.
Has the layout similar to Microsoft which makes it easy to use. The app for editing documents provides tools for saving and editing of PDF documents.
Libre Office is the most popular on the market and includes very many things. Tools replace easy alternatives Word, Access and Powerpoint.
Is based on suite and Open Office suite developed by Apache but it has updates very often. It is free and you can download it without any problems.
Open Office is a complete package developed by Apache and released under license. It is not only free and has a user interface more outdated. For Cloud you can use the tools Google.
The new processors in the range Ryzen 3 have been released by AMD, used in the systems of calculation. They use Zen architecture. Ryzen 3 models quad-core processor with four cores, four threads, with a great performance. AMD has launched two new models of processors: Ryzen 3 1300X and Ryzen 3 1200, being models quad-core.
The processor Ryzen 3 1200 is a model quad-core processor with a working frequency of 3.1 GHz and a maximum power of 65W.
Model Ryzen 3 1300X is 29% more efficient than the model Intel Core i3 7300, in this price category.
The processors use their socket AM4 and can be used with memory RAM type DDR4.
It is said that Adobe give up on Flash Player from the year 2020 since it has been faced with a lot of security issues over time. He was among the first programs that they could watch the videos online. Other solutions are WebAssembly, WebGL, HTML5, being more secure and works better, with a lower consumption of resources.
AMD launched the processors of top of the range Ryzen Threadripper, at a great price, I mean up to 1000 dollars cheaper than the models created by Intel.
The processors in the range Ryzen 3 and with the range Threadripper will be able to be purchased starting this month.

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