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Why we should get an SSD and not a HDD?
We will now speak in more detail about these things that are so important for a laptop. If you have an older laptop and only works well, will probably think of taking a new one. I come with a variant and say that you can make it work like new if you put an SSD. The price of a SSD is higher but the than that of a HDD. An SSD has much higher speed of loading, a larger storage space and high performance. An SSD is a varianat much higher of a usb stick, so that everyone will understand. The information is stored in microchips to a SSD when a hard drive has an arm that moves along a track in the shape of a CD. A hard disk, due to the way in which it is created, it may spoil more quickly and it is much more noisy. An SSD uses units of memory NAND which are not volatile. This type of memory makes us to understand that after the laptop has been turned off, store all . The SSD has a processor called microcontroller which give the speed of fast working. An SSD has different sizes, like a HDD.
The first HDD was used on a IBM laptop. He stores data on a plan that rotates. Using a HDD with a large memory is much cheaper than that of an SSD.
A SSD will cost you more but you want higher performance, but have a storage capacity smaller if you don’t want to cost you too much. But if money does not matter, then you can get a SSD which you’ll definitely be pleased. A solution of mujloc would be devices hybrid SSHD that combines the two. The duration of the life of an SSD is much higher, due to the way in which it is designed. Also, SSDS are more resistant to accidents because they do not possess moving parts with flash memory or DRAM. Being at the beginning, always a new product will be more expensive, but will drop when users will gradually increase.
Another advantage you have the SSDS is that they consume less energy, not heat up so much as HDDS. It is necessary as the motherboard of the computer to support an SSD that supports SATA3. Intel SSDS are the best and enough fast, but not faster ones. The Seagate 600 or the Kingston V300 are slightly cheaper, but slower.
Even if all the praise of SSDS, he has and minuses. Can’t recover files from it. A SSD very good you can buy and at the Samsung.
SSDS on PCI Express are much better than Sata3, but are much more expensive. If you have a SSD, defragmentation is only necessary.
The folks at Kingston have changed the controller and NAND has become a Gateway asinocron, and the speeds are others now. The technologies that sit at the base of the SSD are: Error Detection – Correction, Smart Technology, Trim, Wear Leveling Technology and more. Trim is the most new and important, helping the SSD to keep its performance.
We should consult someone who is in the field when we want to buy an SSD, let’s call for what we use the computer and advise us what would be advisable for us, what a memory, what manufacturer to choose from, depending on compatibility with your computer. Like to fit a SSD on a computer, you need to take the data, and SSDS from Intel have free access to the software.

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