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Samsung releases Galaxy Note 10

For the first time, the Galaxy Note comes in two sizes, so that users can choose which is the most suitable variant for them. Galaxy Note10 is aimed at users who want to experience the power of the Pen, and optimum productivity in a compact form factor, which is represented by a display, Performance Infinity to 6.3-inches, which is integrated into the most compact of the Notes so far. The Galaxy Note10 + has the largest display in the Galaxy Note family, 6.8-inch Cinematic Infinity, on a device that is as easy to handle and use as possible. Galaxy Note10 uses Dynamic AMOLED, with HDR10 + certification and Dynamic Tone Mapping, photos and videos are brighter than the previous Note series and offer a wide range of impressive colors. For a more comfortable view, the Eye Comfort display reduces the blue light without affecting the color quality.

Galaxy Note10 makes improvements to the S Pen; if the Galaxy Note9 S Pen has received the Low Energy Bluetooh function, the S Pen on the Galaxy Note10 also receives the air function, which means that users can control the device through certain gestures made with the S Pen. Through the Air SDK function, software developers can create custom control functions that give users the ability to use their favorite apps using gestures. The Galaxy Note10 extends the functions of Samsung DeX, so users can now work much easier on both the phone and on the PC or Mac. With a simple USB-compatible connection, users can share files between devices and use their favorite mobile apps with a mouse and keyboard, keeping their data safe on the phone via Samsung Knox.

The Galaxy Note10 integrates the Link to Windows function directly into the Quick Panel. With one click, users can log on to their computer with Windows 10. So they can see notifications, send and receive messages, and see recent photos without stopping to look at the phone. The Galaxy Note10 allows users to record videos with impressive graphics and sound quality without the need for professional devices. With live video Focus mode you can change the depth of field so that you can blur the background to focus on the topic. The zoom microphone amplifies sound and isolates background noise to help you get the sounds you want. The Super Steady feature has been enhanced to stabilise the video, and is now available in hyperlapse mode. Once they have recorded their video, Galaxy Note10 users can edit on the go directly from their phone without needing additional equipment. The video editor is integrated into the S Pen, so users can choose exactly the part they want to crop using the S Pen. For creators who need even greater control over video materials, Adobe Rushpe Galaxy Note10 offers a sophisticated suite of editing tools, which become even more effective with the help of S Pen. For gamers who want to add a certain personality to streaming or for vloggers who want to improve the quality of video tutorials, Galaxy Note10 introduces the Screen Recording function. You can also capture images on your screen, choose the option picture-in-picture, add effects and use the S Pen to make your entries directly in the video. Galaxy Note10 integrates the newest AR and 3D capabilities in the room. Alongside the ultra-wide-angle lens, Note10 provides a whole new environment for content creators. Next to would Doodle, use the S Pen to customize your photos with dynamic drawings, effects and animations. And, with the help of a 3D Scanner is a new amazing series of Memos, the camera’s Depth of Vision can scan any object and instantly transform it into a dynamic image in 3D.

People take many selfies in low-light conditions – at dinner, at concerts or when enjoying a sunset. Night Mode, now available on the front camera, allows users to capture quality selfies regardless of light conditions. The Galaxy Note10 + allows a charge via the 45W charger, so in just 30 minutes, users can charge their phone completely to use it throughout the day. Note10 comes with Wireless PowerShare. Users can wirelessly charge their Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds or another Qi-compatible device using their Galaxy Note10 phone. With the AI-based Game Booster, the Galaxy Note10 optimizes performance and power consumption depending on the game. And with the streaming service PlayGalaxy link P2P, users can continue the game where they left off and play on the move without needing local storage. With LTE and 5G options, Note10 users can make the most of the fastest speed of mobile operators. The Galaxy Note10 + 5G harnesses the full power of the next generation of networks for high-resolution video streaming, fast content downloading and streaming of graphic games in real time. By allowing us to do everything we like, at much faster speed, Note10 + 5G changes the way we consume content and connect with friends and family. The Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10+ will be available in the following shades: Aura Glow, Aura White and Aura Black from August 23.

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