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What is Google Shopping?

Google is a giant that is about to become even bigger. It has a new service called Google Shopping that will completely change the way you shop online and could reduce Amazon’s power in this sector.
This month, the US company launched Google Shopping in the United States and came up with new features for this new service. Some that bring a lot of what Amazon is currently doing. Which makes you think Google’s plan is to compete directly with Jeff Bezos’ giant in this area.
Google is looking to get on the e-commerce train, and the database it has available could ensure its success.

How Google Shopping works
For now, Google Shopping is a service only available in the United States, but it could spread quickly in all corners of the world. It is being tested at home for the first time, but could exceed the country’s borders in the near future.
The new service allows Google users to use their search engine power to provide customers with shopping experiences. Both online and offline. If you consider that only 22% of users say they are satisfied with the level of personalization they receive when they buy online, then Google’s move could prove to be a success.

Especially since Americans know so much about you. What is Google doing?
It will offer product recommendations based on what you have been looking for and based on the products you have purchased.
It will allow you to make price comparisons and will send you notifications when the price of the product you want to lower or benefit from a great promotion
It helps you find local produce and as close to you as possible
You can buy directly from Google Shopping, without having to go to the retailer’s site. Plus, you can link your bank account directly to your Google account

Retailers, excited about Google Shoppping
Google’s move is equally welcome for both retailers and consumers. You will enjoy personalized experiences, you will be able to quickly find the product you want and at great prices. And online stores will agree to pay a Google commission, precisely because Americans bring a lot of customers.
Google Shopping may prove to be an extremely strong rival to Amazon. Here’s some data from a recent study, which say that one in ten millennial generation representatives would quit Amazon just because they often want to buy from there and don’t know what. Amazon doesn’t really help them decide. But Google can do it.
Amazon might be the perfect place to go if you know what to buy. You go to Google Shopping when you need inspiration. And from there things are extremely simple.

Google has the complete package: it guides you, helps you search and then buy effectively. Without directing you elsewhere.


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