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The first gadgets

Many of the gadgets with which we play today appeared a long time ago, thanks to the authors of science fiction.
Movies and science books have been a source of inspiration for the engineers who designed the gadgets. If we look at Star Trek, a lot of devices falling into the hands of the crew were built a few decades later. The current mobile phone was used in the first series of Star Trek.
The first portable phone was created in 1942, and he was 3 pounds, looking very strange, being created by Motorola. Everything since then has been inspired and tablet, the one on which they were writing the characters of the different things.
In the computers of Star Trek is insert a small object, and the idea became reality in the form of a usb stick.
Before the sticks were floppy-disks, being larger in size, but with a storage capacity much smaller.
Credit cards was invented in the 1920s, it was used only for certain activities. The video cameras of the surveillance were available in the year 1949.
Back in the present, the most important gadgets were Macintosh computers and IBM, cameras, Kodak, Sony Walkman, Iphone and iPod, but and the phonograph. The list is much longer.
Polaroid cameras also get photos with instant film. Today you can get instant with the Fujifilm Instax or Lumography.
The Motorola droid was a smartphone-type slider, with large touchscreen and keyboard, the usual.
Electronic cigarette is a gadget that replaces cigarettes classic, the first invention appearing in 2004 in China.
Apple Newton appeared in a period of extreme murky for the company in Cupertino. Newton was one of the first gadgets PDA and was released in 1993. In 1998 Steve Jobs has withdrawn from the market.
Sony Betamax was the rival VHS, the latter winning the race by virtue of the fact that it was the cheaper model. Betamax render the colors more vivid and it was superior to VHS.
Palm Treo was part of a series of phones developed by Handspring.
Sega Channel was a kind of Xbox Live or Play Station Network, launched in 1993, allowing gamers to play between them via a cable.
The glasses from Google have disappointed, being seen more as a fad.
Microsoft Spot was the first smartwatch appeared on the market.
In 1997 they launched the glasses, Sony Glasstron glasses virtual who were in the component, two LCD screens and two headphones. The glasses have the role to transpose the player in the universal game, connecting it to the PC or the console.

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