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Useful applications

When you have an idea about an app for your smartphone, but you don’t know programming, you don’t have to worry, because there are programs that help you create applications.
The Play store offers users nearly 3 million applications for the phone, and the IOS App Store 2.2 million.
Astro file manager is a kind of Windows Explorer for mobile. He gives you the opportunity to explore all the files of the phone, in your SD memory and internal memory. You can redefine, archive, copy, and move them, to give them share on other devices. But there is only version for Android, not for IOS.
App Cache Cleaner is very useful when smartphoenul begins to move hard. The program shows you temporary files, in order of size, to be able to get rid of what you don’t need. You can delete the row or all at once. You can schedule to clean up the phone memory, it has a certain period of time. The app is available both on Android and on IOS.
MX Player is very useful when you’re going on a trip and don’t have the laptop with you to pass the time more easily, by looking at the movies. Of course smartphone he’s got applications for that, but MX Player has custom subtitles, adjusting the size, style, color.
Pixel OFF Save Baterry Amoled is a very useful when you have very little battery from your smartphone.
It disables a certain percentage of the pixels of the display. The image quality will be very poor. It is very useful however for users of Android, not for IOS.
Sound Hound is an app similar to Shazam, but she can recognize the songs if you hum it yourself. Wonderful, isn’t it?
Star Taxi is the best application, because it is not limited to only one company of taxi, but to all those who have the app installed. With this application you can see the photo of the man who will go to the client, you can follow the route of the cab, at the end of which can evaluate the race.
Tawkon is an app that monitors your phone if electromagnetic radiation are too high, warning you to put your headphones. Iphone users do not have this feature.

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