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The WordPress Platform

WordPress websites have become the most popular today because they are very easy to use and not only. Many people choose this platform. Not every WordPress site is the same. He has to be structured so as to ensure the needs of each one. If you’re good to create a website for a platform, then it is very easy to do with WordPress, but if you don’t get it, even if it is very easy to walk with it, you’ll need to call a company specialized in webdesign, to do all you need for the functionality of the site in the long term.
For a site mobile friendly there are a few secrets. We can get a professional website WordPress but with the optimization of promotion campaigns. Not any WorPress theme used has the same performance. The theme will be the basis on which will be built the site, but it takes a selection careful.
For a WordPress SEO Friendly is best to use the Genesis Framework. Because the code is programmed, the Genesis Framework is a foundation already in place for the future of the site, for its optimization. Framework offers us compatibility with all browsers, has a short time of loading of the page, uses the language of HTML 5. Using the Framework in the future optimization will be very good, the keywords will appear the majority of sites in the first page, of course, if are met all the conditions.
In the beginning WordPress was just a blogging website. Today has become a platform used by 25-30% of the total sites in the entire world and is a platform the importance of web development.
Advantages Of WordPress:
• You can have access from any corner of the world to this platform, you just have to have an internet connection.
• It has an interface very accessible and cost effective, being able to add content on the site without having very much knowledge in the field.
• It can create a site on this platform without the need to be changed on the other device, for that is change the resolution.
• It has simple codes and constant, Google thus facilitating the indexing with the ease of the pages, the administrator of the altering wants, when he wants, what the page wants to be indexed by Google.
• It can integrate with social networks, and once you’ve integrated into the site connecting with social networks, any content you add on your website with the platform WorPress will appear automatically and in social networks.
• Installs with ease plugg-ins, you can find communities where you can learn what you care about these plugg-ins.
Besides the advantages there is a downside and that is that this platform will be always connected to the most recent version, being necessary to the improvement of the slopes that protejeaja site and data. Can not be turned off these updates, but these updates to ensure site protection and security and these updates will always do like this platform to be used with even greater ease.
Some do comparisons between WordPress platform from blogger and Blogger platform which indeed has several hundreds of themes, but has disadvantages in front of WorrdPress site.
The text editor in WordPress is more advanced, offers more options and can do much more changes. WordPress has the script Akismet which protects you from spam comments. If you were to buy premium services from WordPress platform, then we far exceed the Blogger platform. Now depends on what he wants to do every. If you wish to focus on what you write, then choose WordPress. If you want to focus on the theme, how it looks overall site, then choose Blogger, or not.
There WordPress.org which unlike WordPress.com we’ve talked about , provides the capability to download the platform and install it on your own hosting.

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