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Gadget Allview and Acer

Allview introduced the artificial intelligence in gadgets, and this fall will appear phone X4 Soul Infinity.
So the new phone will take decisions based on the data received. This is an important step for the Allview. They have proposed to produce a phone that contains the most popular functions and applications of the moment. This smartphone will have many special features, with a display in the format 18:9 with a diagonal of 5.7 inches. It is a phone well-proportioned and will be kept with ease in your hand. Will have a metal frame, will be available in three variants of color – Mocha Gold, Steel Grey, Nignt Sky. They will have a finish with the shine of the mirror. The aperture will be very good and then the pictures captured with the camera will be very good, even if it is not enough light. Room the dual has the latest algorithms from Arcsoft, a producer very much appreciated for the solutions of the camera dual. These algorithms will help atilizatorul to highlight the character or object that you want to photograph, and the background will be blurred by the technology Bokeh, with very good results, like the ones offered by DSLR cameras. The lens will be sapphire, which will protect the camera from scratches.
• Zen Book Flip 14 is a laptop that has a capacity of 16 GB of RAM memory and has a small access, high speed to transfer the data, with the touch screen Nano Edge, diagonal of 14 inches, with the active pen Asus Pen. He has a combination of processor Intel Core and graphics with the architecture of the NVIDIA Pascal , with an aluminum housing, narrow bezel, the screen reproducing 100% the color spectrum sRGB. Mode Eye Which protects vision, reducing the level of blue light.Has a hinge versatile 360 degrees Ergo Lift which allows the screen to go back, this laptop becoming a tablet with a large screen and Microsoft Windows operating system. The battery is of lithium-polymer 57 Wh, providing the energy of a day, with an autonomy of 13 hours. It loads very fast, I mean 60% in only 49 minutes. Owns two ports USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A, an HDMI port and a microSD card reader.
• Zen Book Flip 15 is a model very thin, with touch screen Nano Edge 4K UHD, with a report to the screen and body of 79%. Both models, 14 and 15 have processors Intel Core I7. The model 15 is based on Intel Core processors of generation of the eighth and graphics NVIDIA GeFOrce GTX 1050, ZenBOOK Flip 15, a very powerful model. Is 30% faster in comparison with the old series. This model of laptop incorporates the storage dual, having the opportunity to choose a hard drive up to 2 TB and SSD of 512 GB.
Holds a hinge double with a complex mechanism made of special steels withstand over 20,000 closings, openings. Screen or matte finish reduces glare. It offers support for the Asus Pen and Windows Ink, which can be named astfelo tool of creation.
ACER is launching its first Chromebook with 15.6-inch full HD IPS display . It has a autonomy of up to 12 hours, the back and the area of the support are made of aluminium, giving a sense premium. The speakers are facing up, featuring a premium sound. The Chromebok is available in the clarity and standard. Clients can have access to over two million Android applications. Has the latest generation of Intel Celeron processors with two cores and Intel Pentium four processor cores, providing performance amazing at surfing the internet. They have 2 variants of GB, i.e. 32 or 63 storage space eMMC, 4 or 8 GB RAM. Has a backlit keyboard. Users can quickly transfer data, can’t do streaming video, and connect an external monitor via the two USB ports, it can connect via bluetooth to external devices. Can I use multiple users on this computer, logging into it with your single accounts. The price of such a laptop will be starting at 500 euros the smaller, differing, however, of the regions.

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