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About gadgets Apple and the app Siri

Let’s talk about models of Iphones. New model birthday was the most anticipated. Manufacturers of housings have spilled some info about the new models. We just don’t know how they will call, but
design honestly, I don’t will definitely impress.
All the folks at Apple have pulled out and 3 of the series of the Apple Watch that looks the same as the last, just as it is with 2.5 mm thicker, has LTE, dual-core processor very fast and that makes Siri to talk and Wi-Fi with 85% faster and with 50% more efficiently. This new smart watch will cost $ 400 with LTE and 330 without LTE. Still is not available until after the date of 15 September, in only a few countries.
I was talking about Siri. Who is Siri?
Those who have Iphone know what I’m talking about. It is a voice assistant of the Iphone’s. He is a personal manager available on the Iphone, controlled exclusively with voice commands. There are programs that recognize your voice, but who rely as a rule on the predefined commands, but Siri recognizes speech natural to man and the answer to almost any question. So, with Siri you can talk to as well as talk with the other person. To activate Siri, you have to push the extended Home button, and then after the two beeps and after what you see on the screen the message ` What can i help you with?` you can start talking to Siri. After you have asked the question, press the icon of the microphone, and Siri will answer. It is integrated in several applications of the system to respond to demands. It allows you to make voice commands to almost everything you can do without it, by means of applications.
• Reminder you can call to set an appointment or don’t forget to take something.
• The messages you can send a contact from phonebook a message through voice command, telling him the name of the person you want to send the message.
• The weather you can find out what will be outside in a certain area, just ask the Siri, she’s giving you information for the next few days.
• The calendar you can quickly schedule a meeting dictand the time, date, location.
• You can send and e-mail as well as message.
• If you want to search a name in the agenda, uttering the mere name will cause Siri to immediately submit the details about that contact.
• You can set an alarm.
Siri is only available in English, French and German. If you speak another language, Siri will not understand.
It has integrated Google Maps and service Yelp only on the territory of the United States, and if you are in another area, you can’t find a certain location.
It is available only on the IPhone 4 S.
Apple will continue to improve Siri, which is currently at the Beta stage.
You can use Siri with a headset with microphone, or a Bluetooth device, holding the button in the center or buttonul dial. If you use it in the car and you have the option of CarPlay or Siri Eyes Free, keep pressed the button of voice command on the steering wheel, say what you want. You can have a touch screen CarPlay and use Siri by long-pressing the key the main.
To change the voice functionality of Siri, you must have to go to settings and choose from the list of languages spoken and understood by Siri. You can use Siri in any country/region, speaking the languages supported.Siri is designed to recognize the accents and dialects of the countries and regions supported.
It is possible that Siri not to answer or to tell you that there is a problem with connecting to the network or you can say to try a little later. The device must be face-up when you use Siri, otherwise he will not be enabled, it disables in the case in which it was activated.
Today we are witnessing many programs that will take us as far into the future, and the people at Apple are always in step with the future.

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