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IP addresses

Probably when you get more in touch with the world of the internet, will ask at some point what some of the terms. So I got to wondering what is an IP address.
The IP addresses of the underlying network of computers. It is not a term easy to understand, especially for those who have no inclinations to this side, but anyone can understand a few important aspects, to what they are used and what are useful for us.
There are versions of IP addresses :
1. IP version 4 or Ipv4 is the most used. An address of this type is made up of four numbers separated by a point. Each of these four numbers contain between one and three digits, and each must be incardreze between 0 and 255. (Example: This range is very small, so the IP addresses in this category is wearing out fast, they are running low.
2. IP version 6 or Ipv6 is a new standard,not very spread out, but it will be when Ipv4 addresses will be depleted. Ipv6 addresses consist of eight groups of characters separated by double quotes and dot. These ips may contain the letters a-f. As an example, an Ipv6 address may look like: 1363:adbf:005642:0000:8436:4593:8274. The number of addresses which can be Ipv6 is very large.
IP addresses can be static or dynamic. The static you have to configure it manually, entering in the Windows settings. A dynamic address is assigned by DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), this service runs on dedicated servers from the network, or on special devices, such as wireless routers. Addresses dynamic are used more, because the static ones require a lot of attention and knowledge, otherwise it can create problems. They are even more difficult to manage, requiring manual intervention. In a small network, the addresses are assigned automatically by a router.
You’re wondering if you can change the IP address? If this is necessary, depending on the configuration of the part the computer, you can do it. There is something very hard to achieve.
If you want to change and the addresses for the preferred DNS Server and alternate DNS Server, it can be done, but this is not always necessary, being able to change the IP address without changing these addresses.
The technologies that make it possible for a computer to obtain automatically an IP address are DHCP that we’ve talked about above and PPP (Point to Point Protocol). The disadvantage of dynamic IP addresses is that every time you connect to the internet, the IP address change. It may be that the internet provider to allocate a static IP address, if he has this service. Static IP address is necessary when offering Internet services: email, Hosting or when you have a surveillance system connected to the internet network.
If you have a Firewall, a proxy server or web cache, then the computer can display the IP address of these programs. It can be to be in behind them and without you knowing.
Mask subnet is a division of a network IP. A subnet is used in large networks, to share them with the small ones. In the small companies or networks household, all the computers will be in the same subnet with the same mask of the subnet.
If we talk about the Getaway by default, talk about a getaway, I mean a router located in the network, which works as a bridge of access to other networks. The internet provider has one or more of the getaway by which the computers it connects. In large companies, they are used to connect and subretelele.
The DNS server is a system of naming of computers connected to the internet, which associates the addresses easy to remember, with their IP addresses. If DNS doesn’t work, you will not be able to use the internet with the addresses usual.
Server WINS is a system that is obsolete that was used on computers with the Microsoft operating system older.

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