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VPSLOAD was established in 2011 having activities in the IT domain. Since 2014 we began to have activities in the online area for hosting. Hosting services became more important for the VPSLOAD, our team growing up each year, as the hosting was growing also. A major contribution for that growth had our existent clients who recommended us and they brought us a large number of other clients. Nowadays we serve over 5500 clients and we host over 7500 dedicated servers and vps servers.

Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.


Technological innovation

The VpsLoad Technical Department has given a great deal of technical attention to the new technical solutions and the adoption of new solutions that will ensure increased stability and speed to our services, meaning a better experience for our customers.

The new hybrid servers SSD-HDD

In 2014, we developed a new hybrid SSD-HDD server architecture. These servers are configured with RAID matrices for both system partitions and customer data, thus increasing redundancy and read speeds. We also included an SSD-based cache solution for isolating I / O operations and implicitly increasing the processing speed. Additionally, it offers default browser-level caching settings to increase browsing speed.

The support center

Over the years we have developed a blog for our clients who offer tutorials and articles related to hosting and not only. Our goal is to permanently enrich this knowledge base to provide full support. Additionally, in the blog you find email configuration tutorials for the main email programs (email client – Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail Client etc.) as well And a download center where you can download various programs, utilities and user manuals.


The VPSLOAD team

At VPSLOAD each member of the team interacts with customers in their area of expertise, providing support whenever a customer needs. We find you on the ticketing system every time you need help.

We love working with our clients

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.


What Clients Think

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