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Inventions for smartphones and Google Assistant

When we study articles present on the sites we find out a lot of new things, from software the IT, to new gadgets arising that make life easier.
So a team of researchers have an alternative to the classical batteries of lithium-ion batteries of phones and tablets, which is hot and some even explode, as happened at the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
A team of researchers have invented batteries that in place of the electrolytes based on organic compounds, contain electrolytes water-based, they are much more secure, do not risk to fire and generate the same power.
Currently the batteries with water does not resist than the 70 cycles of loading, so there won’t be mass-produced, companies with the need for batteries that can withstand at least 500 cycles.
All an inventive step can be called the creation of a machine that you wash your phone. Yes, you heard right!
It has been shown that the phone contains more bacteria than a public toilet, such as for those who are obsessed with cleaning and that in addition to simply washed your hands and wiped your phone with antibacterial wipes, I can use this device which contains ultraviolet rays and kill over 99% of bacteria in just 6 minutes. He is called Phone Soap, it has a usb port and cable, which can recharge your phone while you clean. This device can sterilize and other small items.
I recently found out that Google has released headphones Wireless Pixel Buds with the digital assistant, they are competing with Apple’s Air Pods. They are designed to be used with the latest models of smartphones from Google, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. They have artificial intelligence algorithms and use the digital assistant Google Assistant.
Headphones play your tunes and provides real-time language translation of several languages, two Google employees, demonstrating this at the event of presentation, translating from Swedish, the two people communicating very quickly between them. These headphones are controlled by touch of a touchpad of the helmet right. From here you can control the volume or to start and stop the music. Google Assistant can to and read various notifications and messages when the one that you use is busy. You can initiate a call without using the phone. They are available in white, black and blue, and the price is 159 dollars, they can be ordered now, but will be available in November this year.
Is very interesting you can talk to a virtual assistant. Google Assistant is a reinvention of Google Now. He can carry a conversation and can get information, has got to be compatible and for any type of Android. Google Assistant comes with Google App 6.14 beta, but at this point it should be available in Google Play.
Assistant is more complex, recognizing several commands and keywords. You just have to have your phone set to English and the commands to do them in the same language. You can order from the voice which would consume more presses on the screen. You just have to press a button to light up the screen and say `ok google`, then to give the command, he exerting the results with respect to weather, news sports, calling a contact from the address book, you can open different applications, even one you can ask to rate a new meeting in the calendar, which would ease the life for example, if I have to be at the wheel. I don’t have time to stop to do this.

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