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Artificial intelligence

A lot of people tried to answer the question: what is artificial intelligence? The difficulties of finding a definition for this term are two: first, he doesn’t really know what is the very intelligence of the natural; then, that those who are trying to formulate a definition are complex achievements – far to justify a name like that pompous – of the this field of computer science. So they see themselves forced to define rather what should be the artificial intelligence, than what she is actually in the present.
It’s clear that, if there would be no computers, then you wouldn’t be told today about artificial intelligence. Or would be told in science fiction novels. So, the origin of artificial intelligence as a branch of computer science is hiding a bit through the years of construction of the first electronic computers, I mean in the moment in which the man and put the question: just how powerful these new tools, able to perform complicated calculations? Can they be made to think?
Turing started from a natural idea – if you don’t know how to define in precise terms the intelligence, but we say about a man that is intelligent, then we could say and about another creature of the same thing in the case in which it would behave like a human being. It remains to be seen which aspects of the behavior of the human are indeed relevant for intelligence. For example, feeding or reproduction might not be.
Turing considered that the best way to achieve a machine that would pass his test is not programming a computer equipped with a lot of fixed knowledge, but rather, educating a car child, able to learn from experience and to use the natural language to enrich their knowledge. She would be able to solve their own problems and to fulfill his own plans, demonstrating practical intelligence in everyday life. We see that, in fact, each of these traits the ideal constituted in the subfields of artificial intelligence: automatic learning, processing and understanding natural language, acquisition of knowledge, the building and the satisfaction of certain plans.
People should be aware of the risk that artificial intelligence has for kids! Systems equipped with artificial intelligence can pretend that they are teachers or even celebrities and to manipulate young people to do things “unimaginable”, he warned a british university, according to the Press Association. Artificial intelligence could represent be most beneficial to technological development, be the most harmful.
The systems can pretend to be someone known, credible and can manipulate people. This type of intelligence would be able to get rid even of control, being able to even multimplicated. It is not yet at the level where we should worry, but in the future yes.
The first commercial in the world designed exclusively by means of artificial intelligence was taken from him Kevin Macdonald, the director famous for the movie “the Last king of Scotland`.The script of the commercial has been written entirely from a program put in place by IBM, at the request of the company that produces cars Lexus. The ad, which lasts 60 seconds, premiered on 15 November and, for its realization, the computer program has used data related to the advertising clips award-winning in the last 15 years, but it and related parameters of emotional intelligence, the preferences of the spectators and human intuition.

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