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Why to get rid of HTTP even today?

If you have a domain held on a server now is the opportune time to give them e-mail and ask them why don’t I give you free SSL certificate.
Why to put your website on http on https?
The main reason to implement https is Google.
Google displays sites with HTTPS higher in ranking
Google consider https in the algorithm of, when, after a search made after certain keywords, it displays a list with the results.
As a result, Google offer a “bonus” ( green ball, a vote of confidence ) sites that use https. I mean, for two sites with identical scores, of which one is http and the other https, why use https will appear before the with http.
Using HTTPS, your website will be secure
A second reason is: the safety of the user. Using https to encrypt the connection between the server and the user’s browser.
This is very important especially in the case of online shops that process card payments.
Google will index the mobile version of websites
The third reason to secure your website using https is again… Google.
Google will index the sites, starting with 2017, based primarily on their version for mobile.
What does that mean?
It means that if your website stuck in the stone age and yet is not adapted for the reading’s easy on the mobile is necessary for you to do a redesign as soon as possible!
( How do you know that your website is not adapted for mobile devices? Enter on mobile on your website and if you see you have to go left-right with your finger on the phone screen, to read each row of text, it means that your website requires changes. )
Sites that have a version for mobile will be displayed in searches before the sites do not yet have a version responsive ( a version that adapts for tablets and mobile phones ).
I am referring to the searches on the phone and on the tablet, I mean the ones on the laptop or computer! If your website is not responsive it does not appear already in the search on your mobile or tablet. Soon she will appear either on your laptop or PC ( desktop ).
And for a site to be indexed after the version for mobile Google has set a couple of rules (best practices) including use of https.
The Chrome browser will display sites with HTTP as Insecure
From 2017 web browser Chrome will begin to alert users that the page on which it is located is not secured. This is true for login pages and the payment.
In the future, with every update that Google will make, in regards to the security of the sites, the idea of “http” as the “unsafe site” will be increasingly more present in the minds of the people.
This is because, Google follows that, in the future, absolutely all sites, regardless that require login or not, whether they are e-commerce platforms ( online stores ) or not… to display the message “site not secure.”
The day will come when Google will say: if you don’t have https by tomorrow don’t you show your website in the search results.

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