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What to do when we are affected by the update?

If you’ve been affected negatively by the update algorithm for the 1 august, Google will not say anything. Suggests, however, that you could revise the website to have a better quality, a good content and improve the user experience for that eventually lead to a better ranking of your site.
Let’s not forget that Google does a few times a year a core algorithm update, only this time many SEO experts believe that it is an important UPDATE and major.
We have gathered several opinions from a few SEO experts to find out more about this Update and how to do the face.
Glenn Gabe has analyzed 200 sites and came to the conclusion that after the Update of 1 august have been affected not just health sites, but also non-YMYL. If you’ve been affected you need to treat your website like a battery to a load frequently. In the given case with quality content.
Marie Haynes recognizes this change as being an important one and it was about the ability of Google to determine the E-A-T, because the company wants to support the sites you trust for the users.
Bright Local believes that E-A-T and YMYL have been a priority for Google. This will affect websites as well: forums – tips, of poor quality, small businesses that offer consulting questionable.
Here’s how to proceed step by step. Are tips that have to do with your SEO campaign in general and should not be related 100% to this update.
1. Perform a detailed analysis and an audit of your site. Take into account all the issues related to the quality and make a plan for improving their. See what issues you have with links, photos, video.
2. Read the guide QRG, and then examine the site considering the objectives of this guide. Identify the problems and fix them. You should put the job on the whole team.
3. • Analyze your report from Google webmaster tools, including the report on the coverage index. You can find the technical issues of SEO (combine crawl analysis and audit), then fix the problem.
4. • Continue to publish content of good quality and do not stand to wait until it solve the problems. As you will have more quality content, the more you will win users.
5. • Watch the reviews, the comments of the clients. If the product you sell or products are considered spam, you need to start to take action.
6. • Work with authors and specialists who have a good, credible name and with other reliable sites.
7. • Make a full scan of the site to see what problems and what errors are to fix them.
8. • Maintain E-A-T (expertise, authority, trust). Google you account of reliable sources, and links that you get it done in time.

Changes have occurred on the mobile and on the desktop, and the fluctuations were evident. On mobile for example, you can see in the drawing below have been cases in which the traffic has climbed sharply, but on the desktop has slightly decreased. But the change is from case to case, but we have to put the price on the indexing of the mobile version, because that’s how the traffic looks, mobile devices are still most favorite and most used.
This update Google was really one of scale. In its action to maximize the quality and relevance of the results for Google users acted this ready directly to websites with a major impact on people’s lives. It is hard to say if the update did this.

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