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How artificial intelligence helps great athletes in training

Artificial intelligence is gaining ground in most areas. And he even reached the tennis court.
Novac Djokovic is in first place in the ATP standings, being at this moment the best tennis player in the world. But his track record wasn’t just through daily training, as you might think. It also uses new technologies to stay on top.
This year, he won the Wimbledon final on the grass after four hours and 57 minutes of play against another tennis titan, Roger Federer. After that final, considered by many experts in the field as one of the most beautiful tennis matches, it was also what lies behind Djokovic’s success. It’s about artificial intelligence.
His staff took the training to another level.
Djokovic trains with the help of artificial intelligence
The system with which Djokovic trained before Wimbledon is developed by a father and his son and is called RighChain. It is basically a software that optimizes, plans and analyzes the game of a sportsman with the help of artificial intelligence.
And the system is also used by companies in other fields such as Colgate and Coca Cola. In the case of tennis, this technology delivers an extremely detailed analysis of how players and their opponents behave on the field. Based on these data, they can improve their movements, make the most of their strengths and evaluate their opponents’ game.
All performance indicators are analyzed in detail – from the mistakes in the field, the services and the location to the service or to the reception. Keywords are then extracted. The explanations come from the inventors of the artificial intelligence system.The fact that artificial intelligence has become part of sports, in fact, shows you how important these systems are. It is a time when all companies need to be digitized in one form or another to survive in the market.
This is also true for athletes.

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