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What new technologies bring Google

Android P will be the next version of the well-known operating system. Now it has entered the testing phase and will even be able to be downloaded from the official web site for the installation. The operating system will be able to test on other phones than the Pixel (from Google). I hope to work increasingly more with the manufacturers of hardware just to allow the update quickly to as many mobile phones immediately after the official launch. Being in the testing phase is not recommended for users non-technical because can generate errors, inconsistency in use, and may other issues the phone.
Google has improved over the years, the management of the resources of the operating system. From the processing efficiency, the efficiency of the use of energy available for the phone. Oreo has brought the biggest improvements, but it seems that this year Google pushes even further the limits of optimization and with the help of Adaptive Battery applications that are not accessed or is rarely accessed will be turned off.
Google has achieved a 30% reduction of energy consumption by using this new function. Probably depends on what apps and how many apps you use. Either way is welcome, any function of this kind.
Apple seems to have brought a change to Google who now have placed control of the phone through various gestures. Are optional in Android P and, of course, that they exist for years on Android through the interface modified by phone manufacturers. New gestures introduced will be able to get list of applications installed, the redial, and the recently opened application.
Google introduces new customizations in Android for that we all have a different behavior. Android I will suggest for different applications what you can do depending on what you used to do in those applications. In short the phone will try to guess what you want to do next and I’m almost convinced that at some point you will know well enough so as to guess well enough.
The Slices is slightly different. There will be little buttons with specific actions that you take frequently in applications. If you’re using a fitness app, then maybe the most clicked button will be the start of a workout, or if you listen frequently to a playlist in Spotify probably will recommend that playlist.
Google Duplex was the center of attention at the event. It was that moment where you realize that what happens in the series Blackmirror takes place at this time. Google Duplex combines multiple technologies and functions created by Google in one single capable to carry out for you actions and not intervene. In the present case it is about an appointment at a restaurant, then one to the hairdresser.
Assistant virtual in the demonstration video above will call the restaurant and discuss for any person with the employee and will make a reservation. I invite you to view. Their project is extraordinarily innovative, but at the same time is shocking. The voice is natural, the intonation and response time. Certainly I would not know that it is a “robot” if you would call on me.
That being said it is not known when and if the technology will be available to the public soon, but people in the industry estimate that it takes years to be available a functionality of this kind to the general public.
I think anyone hates to say it all the time Ok Google if they want to put many consecutive questions assistant virtual so Google will know how to respond without repeating Ok Google every time. This however will mean to listen to you for a short period after you had something to ask and you answered. But on top of that you will know if you talk by phone or with another person.
This will turn for the better experience Google Home which is a device different from the smartphone which didn’t keep him in hand and experience the need to become more natural.
I think that many who are enthusiasts smartphones and applications remember an application called LayAR that through augmented reality showing you where are some locations in Google Maps. Then it caught on because the phones were a little weak and the software does not even work well on that hardware. It was quite limited. Meanwhile, Google hopes to attract users ‘ attention in the Google Maps by the same function: to sail on through the camera to which it is added and the directions to your destination.

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